Mystic Dream Gypsies

Location and Inspiration

 Location- We are located in Norco, California. Also known as Horse Town USA. 

 Inspiration- I saw my first Gypsy horse years ago.  A girl who is now a dear friend of mine was riding one down the trail.  It was white and looked like a fairy tale horse.  After seeing it, and asking her about it, I had to have one.  So I bought Mystic Dream Lad and have been hooked to gypsies ever since.  They are "addictive",  So my saying is.... "Once you own a Gypsy Vanner, No other breed will matter". LOL.  Don't get me wrong, I  love all breeds of horses, horses are my life.  But Gypsies are extra special.  Their personalities and dispositions are second to none.  My Gypsy filly Promise will follow me around all day long and give me kisses and horse hugs.  Some people say that Gypsies are the Golden Retriever of horses.   (Just look at this picture of my filly Promise. She is such a love bug:))  

 If you are interested in a Gypsy let me know... I can help you find one, or I might just have one for sale. I do a lot of consignment sales of all breeds of horses.  All of our horses are very well taken care of and majorly spoiled as you can see.  They are all up to date on vaccinations and hoof care.  Also our horses are not just pasture horses or brood mares.  Our horses are handled everyday.  I also show most of them on a monthly basis at the local shows.  They are exposed  to a lot. My horses are rode or ponied out on trail and are as close as bomb proof as you can get.  Please Visit my face book page- Mystic Dream Gypsies.  I have a lot more photos there.  Thank you.




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